Lēto Smoothie FAQs

healthy smoothies delivered with prenatal and postpartum journeys in mind

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Lēto Foods FAQs

What can I expect in a Leto Foods delivery?

Every delivery contains 8, 10, or 14 single-serve frozen pouches of ingredients to make a smoothie. The smoothies are “ready-to-blend”. You add the Lēto pouch of ingredients to your blender, add a liquid of your choice, and blend.

Your shipment will arrive in an eco-friendly cooler with dry ice. Recycle the outer box and foam film, and compost or dissolve the foam.

We ship our products with dry ice to maintain the cool temperature. If there is any dry ice left upon delivery, let it evaporate in a well-ventilated area, away from pets and children. Do not handle dry ice with bare hands.

P.S. – We consider each Lēto smoothie a “hearty” single serving. Pregnant and postpartum customers have shared that while they often drink a full Lēto smoothie themselves, sharing half with a (lucky!) partner is not uncommon!

Are Lēto smoothies a powder? (Nope!!)

No way! When you open a pouch of Lēto smoothies, the bulk of what you see are frozen, whole fruits and vegetables. We also add specialty ingredients that you see, like powders, nuts, and seeds to each pouch. Expect a fresh-frozen pouch of whole ingredients to make your healthy smoothie for pregnancy and postpartum.

How does the subscription work for Lēto smoothies for pregnancy and postpartum?

We offer a subscription for our Smoothie 10 Pack and Smoothie 14 Pack. Our subscription delivery recurs once every two, three, or four weeks. The subscription offering has no obligations. You can cancel or skip at any time by logging into your account or emailing team@letofoods.com if you don't have an account. To not be charged for your upcoming delivery, all changes must be made by Friday at midnight before your upcoming delivery. On the Wednesday before your upcoming delivery, you will receive an email or text message asking for your flavor selection. Simply reply by Friday at midnight with your preferred flavors. No change needed? If we don't hear from you, you will receive the same flavors as your previous delivery.

Where can I buy the pregnancy shakes and smoothies? Where do you ship? When can I expect my frozen smoothie delivery?

We exclusively sell our smoothies online via our website.We ship weekly.

We are currently offering our smoothie pouches in the 48 contiguous United States (all states other than Hawaii and Alaska). Orders outside of the 48 contiguous United States will be canceled.

All orders for the next week close at midnight CT on Fridays. If you order by Friday at midnight, your box will likely arrive on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday by 9:30 pm, depending on the area in which you live, however is not guaranteed. Certain areas of Chicago arrive on Monday, while all other areas are expected to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday. You will receive tracking information for your order. Please email us at team@letofoods.com with any questions.

What should I do with the prenatal smoothie pouches upon delivery?

Our smoothie pouches are intended to be consumed frozen. Place your pouches in the freezer upon arrival. When ready to consume, remove from freezer and follow the packaging instructions. The pouches should NOT be thawed.

What should I do with any remaining dry ice when my pregnancy and postpartum smoothies are delivered?

We ship our products with dry ice to maintain the cool temperature. Let the dry ice evaporate in a well ventilated area, away from pets and children. Do not handle dry ice with bare hands!

Are Lēto shipping materials sustainable?

Yes! Your shipment will arrive in an eco-friendly cooler. Recycle the outer box and foam film, and compost or dissolve the foam. To dissolve the foam, put the foam in a sink. Add water to the foam and it melts away. The foam is made from corn. Follow the instructions on the box for more details.

Is Lēto in place of a prenatal vitamin during pregnancy and postpartum?

No. This product is intended to be consumed with, not in place of, a prenatal vitamin and should be enjoyed in conjunction with regular prenatal care. Always consult your doctor.

If choline is important, why is the recommended daily amount not typically found in prenatal vitamins?

One potential reason is choline is bulky. Fitting over 450mg of choline into a small prenatal vitamin is challenging.

Do you have clean smoothie ingredients that are organic? Why are your ingredients frozen?

Over 85% of our ingredients are organic, and that includes all “dirty dozen” fruits and vegetables. Most of our produce is frozen at the source to maintain maximum nutrients.

What makes Lēto a nutritious postpartum smoothie option and/or addition to a breastfeeding diet?

As a busy new parent, these smoothies are here to support you in a simple and delicious way!

In the first few weeks after giving birth, you need to support your body in postpartum healing, and these smoothies are loaded with important protein, calories, vitamins, and minerals to do just that.

And, if you choose to breastfeed, each smoothie provides nutrient dense calories to help support a healthy milk supply and help provide nutrients that may support growth and development. The smoothies even contain 100mg of supplemental choline, a nutrient with a recommended daily dose of 550mg/day when lactating.

Do I need to consume these smoothies while pregnant or postpartum, or can anyone enjoy them?

We are not just smoothies for pregnant women and postpartum women! While Lēto smoothies have been thoughtfully crafted with pregnancy and postpartum in mind, these can be enjoyed by anyone.

What if I'm trying to conceive?

Our current offerings were formulated with during and after pregnancy in mind, but we are fans of getting your body "baby ready" before pregnancy. These smoothies can certainly be part of that process! Of course, always check with your doctor on what's right for you!