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Lēto Foods
Leslie G.
Wonderful smoothies and great customer service

Recently had my first child and wanted to be prepared with a freezer of meals and snacks. These smoothies have been the perfect addition to my supply. Smoothies taste fantastic. Portions are pretty big and very satisfying. I have been very impressed with customer service as well. They worked with me on shipping issue. I never write reviews, but this team deserves to know they are appreciated and smoothies are delicious. Thank you!!

We can't tell you how much this means to our small business! Thank you so much!!

Lēto Foods
Brittany B.
Delicious and convenient!

What an incredible thing to offer to pregnant and postpartum moms. It is so important to nourish our bodies during these vital times and Leto has really closed the gap on offering not only delicious smoothies, but organic and well thought out ingredients to help with absorption. They are delicious and my very favorite thing is the 100 mg of added choline to help with baby's brain development!!


I have been having the worst 'morning sickness' that lasts 24/7. These smoothies not only taste delicious, but are they only thing keeping my stomach happy. Plus they are so healthy for me and baby #2. Customer service is great too. Thanks for everything. I am a loyal customer forever!!

Thank you so much!! We're so glad our smoothies have helped during morning sickness!

every first trimester momma needs

I am 8 weeks pregnant, cannot keep anything down and a good friend of mine brought over some of her ginger smoothies for me to try. They are absolutely amazing, and I am obsessed with all of the good ways to get vitamins in with these. I am so happy she shared them with me. It was an instant purchase and I cannot wait to try more

Friends sharing Lēto smoothies is the absolute best!! Truly thrilled to hear the Ginger smoothie has helped during your first trimester - can't wait for you to have a freezer full of Lēto :)

These are AMAZING!

I absolutely love these smoothies. The ingredients are super clean & filling, and they're incredibly easy to make. Plus, you can add in your own protein powder to make it heartier if needed. I'm not pregnant but I would recommend them to anyone - pregnant or not!

SO glad you've enjoyed our superfood smoothies! Love adding a scoop of protein to all of the blends :)

Lēto Foods
Not a preggers but a FAN!

YUM! You don't have to be a preggers or a mama to enjoy these smoothies. Was intrigued by the ingredients and ease but totally sold on the taste. Click add to cart!

Making a delicious and clean smoothie was mission critical over here! So glad to hear we deliver on taste (and ease and ingredients)!

Lēto Foods
Super good. Super Easy.

These smoothies make it so easy to get the nutrition you need when pregnant. I love that I can just pull out a pack and blend it and have a great healthy breakfast or snack in minutes. No one wants to fuss with food prep when they’re pregnant! The peanut butter is my favorite but the greens is a close second. And did I say how easy it was?! Totally worth it!

Thrilled to hear the Peanut Butter prenatal smoothie hit the mark during your pregnancy! It's a fan favorite - no added sugar but a little bit sweet :)

Lēto Foods
Rachel K.
Convenient and healthy

When I was pregnant and I got hungry, I did NOT want to scrounge around looking for ingredients to make myself something healthy. So I usually just ate junk to get the calories in before I passed out. With everything prepped and portioned, Leto's smoothies solve this problem perfectly. Smoothies always feel like a treat but these are so easy and amazingly so nutritious. And with a bunch of different flavors it doesn't have to get boring to keep making smoothies.

Hunger during pregnancy is serious! We aimed to balance protein, fiber, and healthy fat in our pregnancy shakes to help :)

Lēto Foods
Huan X.
Wow this smooth is full of taste and power!!

Such a special treat! So many nutritious and energizing ingredients plus superior taste, what's more can you ask for? You've got to try for yourself!

So glad you found our prenatal and postpartum shakes to be a delicious treat!

Lēto Foods
The easiest part of being pregnant

You know that feeling when you are hungry and running late and not feeling great and wanting to eat healthy but also not having any fresh fruits and veggies in your fridge? That is me, almost every day and Leto smoothies have been a god send. I blend one in the morning to kick start my day.

Absolutely thrilled you enjoy our superfood smoothies!

Lēto Foods
Carla T.
the most refreshing and tasty green smoothie i've had in a whole minute!

Alright y'all, not only are these smoothies swoon worthy, but they taste delicious! I love that these smoothies are fortified with vitamins and nutrients relevant to my health needs. The greens smoothie reinvigorated my existence today. It's amazing how you can taste the quality of the ingredients and feel a difference.

We partner with a leading produce supplier in Chicago to source our organic fruits and veggies - so glad you can taste the difference in our frozen smoothie delivery!

Greens gets the green light from my family!

It's so hard to find a frozen smoothie product that fulfills my daily nutrition needs, is great for everyone in the family, and has a taste that keeps me coming back. Leto Foods "Greens" checks all of these boxes and makes it easy for me and my family to stay healthy and sharp during the week! Love this brand!

Thank you so much! The Greens superfood smoothie is definitely a crowd pleaser!

Lēto Foods
Emily P.
Greens Smoothie!

I'm not pregnant, nor do I have kids, but these are literally the best make at home smoothies. The Greens Smoothie is so delicious and I can still taste all the healthy whole foods and greens in the smoothie. It revilatizes me, and it's the perfect thing to start off my day with nutrition and peace of mind!

Absolutely thrilled you've found our Greens clean smoothie delicious - it's our top seller! Peace of mind is huge (pregnant or not), and so glad to hear we're delivering!

Lēto Foods
Mary T.
Pure Goodness

Wow- these smoothies are not only delicious, but they're so good for you!!! It makes me feel so good knowing that they're nutritionist approved and shown to improve the health for pregnancy and postpartum life. A lot of smoothies claim to be healthy but are loaded with sugars-- not LETO foods!! They are honest, good for you, delicious, and enjoyable whether you're pregnant or not! I highly highly recommend.

No added sugars in our pregnancy shakes!! So glad to hear you've enjoyed!

Lēto Foods
Caroline C.
The only way I survived my first trimester!

I was gifted these smoothies from a friend as soon as she found out I was pregnant and let me tell you -- THESE ARE A GAME CHANGER. I had a relatively smooth first trimester compared to some of my girlfriends, but my food aversions/nausea were next level. Tough break for a foodie. I felt like I was barely getting any nutrients to my little fetus (just bagels). I had one of these smoothies every single day and just placed an order for 14 more. Also -- the CHOLINE!! I learned before I was pregnant the importance of choline (commonly found in eggs), but when you can't eat eggs what do you do? I was thrilled to find out I was getting enough Choline each day. HUGE in the first trimester!! Seriously love love love these smoothies. Truly helped me feel at ease about getting one nutrient dense meal per day. Also a plus -- they are easy on your tummy!! If you are pregnant BUY THESE and if you know someone who is pregnant this is the best gift you can give them. 10 stars!!!!!

We are absolutely thrilled to hear this!! So so glad Leto smoothies helped during your first trimester (and love that you <3 choline as much as we do!)!

Lēto Foods
Carter H.
Best Morning Treat!

I've always been a big smoothie fan prior to pregnancy, however I find myself typically not steering away from the same ingredients daily! One of my girlfriends sent a box of 10 "Leto Foods" smoothies as a gift during my first trimester of pregnancy and I couldn't be more satisfied! The smoothie packs are the perfect size for one or if your husband is into smoothies, just add a little more almond milk or yogurt (perhaps another banana or handful of favorite berry!) and you've got enough for two! I love the variety and specifically love the ginger and peanut butter! I've already almost finished off my 2nd box and plan to purchase another box before entering my 3rd trimester! What a great idea for a tasty morning healthy treat! Highly recommend!

Love hearing stories about a friend gifting Lēto and that the smoothies totally hit the mark! Thanks for sharing these great customizations and tips with others - love them all!!

Lēto Foods
Anne K.
So easy and tasty!

I am a big smoothie fan but struggle with having all the right ingredients and knowing exactly what flavors go together. Enter Leto which makes everything easy and ensures I get the right nutrition for my pregnancy. These are so tasty and so easy to make!! I've tried all the flavors and my favorite are the peanut butter, berry and green. I like to mix them with Malibu Mylk (flax milk) and I do need to add quite a bit more then the instructions say to make it blend properly.

I will continue to drink these post pregnancy because I love them so much!!

Love the flax milk customization - delicious!! We are SO glad to hear you've enjoyed the smoothies during pregnancy, and that you are ready to keep them in the rotation as a postpartum smoothie!

Lēto Foods
cynthia n.

These are truly delicious smoothies. I was starving and the peanut butter one hit the spot. My husband stole a little from me too. When my mom and I used to go shopping when I was little, we’d end the day drinking a smoothie and it took me back to that. I’ve been searching for that feeling for years and I’ve found it! I wouldn’t be surprised if my daughter likes it too!

This so made us smile, Cynthia! So glad our plant based shakes take you back to times with your mom, and that you found these delicious :)

Lēto Foods
Felicia P.

I’ve 3 flavors in and can’t pick a favorite. Love knowing they’re not only delicious but also nutritious—a new go to gift (and personal freezer staple) for busy moms and moms-to-be.

Love hearing that you've enjoyed these smoothies for pregnancy and postpartum, and absolutely love hearing it's a go-to gift that checks all the boxes!

Lēto Foods
Julie B.
So yummy!

I got the sample box in a raffle I participated in and I am so glad I participated! These smoothies are delicious and convenient. I used mine with almond milk and haven’t. Been disappointed yet especially when comparing to other home delivery smoothie brands I have tried. Comes delivered in a dry ice packed box which is very well insulated. The box came on a Tuesday but it was dark by the time I got home and didn’t see it until the next morning.. everything was still perfectly frozen! Phew! Also after a few weeks the owner Amanda reached out to get feedback which I though was pretty cool too! Awesome product awesome company! HIGHLY recommend.

Absolutely thrilled you've enjoyed our frozen smoothie delivery service, and our sustainable insulated boxes! The insulation works wonders and is one of our favorite features :)

Lēto Foods
The best smoothies I’ve ever had!!

I’m not a pregnant woman, but I bought a couple of these to have as my mid day snack while working from home and I LITERALLY CANNOT GET ENOUGH!!! They are so filling and absolutely delicious! TO ALL MY NON-PREGGO WOMEN, LETO IS FOR YOU TOO!

Yay! Love that you've found our smoothies filling and delicious! While we made Leto for during & pregnancy, we've found they are loved by all!!

Lēto Foods
Shelley G.
Delicious and super easy

I loved my experience trying the Peanut Butter, Ginger, and Greens smoothies. They are super easy to make and are so highly nutritious. I am not expecting or postpartum, but I had them as meal replacements, adding a little protein powder as well. I was really impressed with how filling they were, and how I felt after. Also - when you are in a bind and trying to eat something quickly, it is so easy to grab from the freezer and have a quick snack. LOVE the product and LOVE Amanda!

Thank you, Shelley! When we designed Leto shakes for pregnancy & postpartum stages, we never expected how many people not in this stage would love Leto too! Ultimate compliment :)

Lēto Foods
Allison L.
SO convenient and hearty!

These shakes are great for pregnant (and non-pregnant) moms because they are filling and very easy to prepare! They are the perfect breakfast, providing nutrition and energy to start the day :)

Thrilled you enjoyed these smoothies for pregnancy & beyond!

Lēto Foods
Amy D.
Delicious and nutritious

These smoothies are so tasty and easy to make. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that I’m putting nutritious food into my body (pregnant or not!). I’ve sent the 10 packs to many of my pregnant friends and their responses have been nothing but positive. Customer service is top notch as well. Kudos to the Leto team and keep it up!

So glad you've enjoyed sending Leto Foods as a gift for newly pregnant friends, and enjoyed these for yourself!

Lēto Foods
Anna C.
Delicious and Nutritious!

It's been a daily concern during my pregnancy that I'm not consuming enough nutritious foods. Let's face it: it's been a lot of bread and cheese. I am so thrilled to now have Lēto, and to know that I'm supporting my baby and my body. The smoothies taste so good that I have to hide them from my toddler!

Absolutely thrilled to hear Leto smoothies have helped you! With so much great data supporting what to eat during pregnancy, we knew it had to be easier to provide something ready-to-go and easy for pregnant people to eat nutritiously!