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Lēto Foods
Anne K.
So easy and tasty!

I am a big smoothie fan but struggle with having all the right ingredients and knowing exactly what flavors go together. Enter Leto which makes everything easy and ensures I get the right nutrition for my pregnancy. These are so tasty and so easy to make!! I've tried all the flavors and my favorite are the peanut butter, berry and green. I like to mix them with Malibu Mylk (flax milk) and I do need to add quite a bit more then the instructions say to make it blend properly.

I will continue to drink these post pregnancy because I love them so much!!

Lēto Foods
cynthia n.

These are truly delicious smoothies. I was starving and the peanut butter one hit the spot. My husband stole a little from me too. When my mom and I used to go shopping when I was little, we’d end the day drinking a smoothie and it took me back to that. I’ve been searching for that feeling for years and I’ve found it! I wouldn’t be surprised if my daughter likes it too!

Lēto Foods
Felicia P.

I’ve 3 flavors in and can’t pick a favorite. Love knowing they’re not only delicious but also nutritious—a new go to gift (and personal freezer staple) for busy moms and moms-to-be.

Lēto Foods
Julie B.
So yummy!

I got the sample box in a raffle I participated in and I am so glad I participated! These smoothies are delicious and convenient. I used mine with almond milk and haven’t. Been disappointed yet especially when comparing to other home delivery smoothie brands I have tried. Comes delivered in a dry ice packed box which is very well insulated. The box came on a Tuesday but it was dark by the time I got home and didn’t see it until the next morning.. everything was still perfectly frozen! Phew! Also after a few weeks the owner Amanda reached out to get feedback which I though was pretty cool too! Awesome product awesome company! HIGHLY recommend.

Lēto Foods
The best smoothies I’ve ever had!!

I’m not a pregnant woman, but I bought a couple of these to have as my mid day snack while working from home and I LITERALLY CANNOT GET ENOUGH!!! They are so filling and absolutely delicious! TO ALL MY NON-PREGGO WOMEN, LETO IS FOR YOU TOO!

Yay! Love that you've found our smoothies filling and delicious! While we made Leto for during & pregnancy, we've found they are loved by all!!

Lēto Foods
Shelley G.
Delicious and super easy

I loved my experience trying the Peanut Butter, Ginger, and Greens smoothies. They are super easy to make and are so highly nutritious. I am not expecting or postpartum, but I had them as meal replacements, adding a little protein powder as well. I was really impressed with how filling they were, and how I felt after. Also - when you are in a bind and trying to eat something quickly, it is so easy to grab from the freezer and have a quick snack. LOVE the product and LOVE Amanda!

Thank you, Shelley! When we designed Leto shakes for pregnancy & postpartum stages, we never expected how many people not in this stage would love Leto too! Ultimate compliment :)

Lēto Foods
Allison L.
SO convenient and hearty!

These shakes are great for pregnant (and non-pregnant) moms because they are filling and very easy to prepare! They are the perfect breakfast, providing nutrition and energy to start the day :)

Thrilled you enjoyed these smoothies for pregnancy & beyond!

Lēto Foods
Amy D.
Delicious and nutritious

These smoothies are so tasty and easy to make. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that I’m putting nutritious food into my body (pregnant or not!). I’ve sent the 10 packs to many of my pregnant friends and their responses have been nothing but positive. Customer service is top notch as well. Kudos to the Leto team and keep it up!

So glad you've enjoyed sending Leto Foods as a gift for newly pregnant friends, and enjoyed these for yourself!

Lēto Foods
Anna C.
Delicious and Nutritious!

It's been a daily concern during my pregnancy that I'm not consuming enough nutritious foods. Let's face it: it's been a lot of bread and cheese. I am so thrilled to now have Lēto, and to know that I'm supporting my baby and my body. The smoothies taste so good that I have to hide them from my toddler!

Absolutely thrilled to hear Leto smoothies have helped you! With so much great data supporting what to eat during pregnancy, we knew it had to be easier to provide something ready-to-go and easy for pregnant people to eat nutritiously!

Lēto Foods
Kaitlin S.
Delicious and Easy

These are so easy! The proportions are perfect, which is so easy to mess up myself. Instead of grabbing for a processed snack, they make breakfast and snacking so fast and convenient with no surprise ingredients. I added more or less almond milk depending on how I wanted the consistency that day. I love that the flavors are inventive!

So glad you've enjoyed Leto Foods!! Providing easy solutions that contain natural, clean food has been core to our mission since Day 1!

Lēto Foods
Delicious and Nourishing!

I’m so happy to have been introduced to Leto. Particularly during my first trimester, when nausea was near-constant and a variety of foods sent me running in the other direction, these (seriously) delicious smoothies ensured I got important nutrients in a hassle-free way. Adding a bit less almond milk also transformed these smoothies into crave-worthy smoothie bowls that can be topped with nuts, chia seeds, etc. love my Leto!

Hearing how Leto smoothie pouches have helped women find natural and nutritious foods to eat while pregnant (and nauseous / not feeling their best!!) has been one of the most rewarding parts of starting Leto Foods! Thanks for sharing all of your tips -- love all of your pregnancy superfood toppings for a smoothie bowl!

Lēto Foods
Yvonne M.

I love the high quality, simple and straightforward ingredients in these smoothies and in the approach of the brand. I tried the sample pack and loved each flavor!

So glad you loved the flavors (we did lot of research on pregnancy cravings and pregnancy taste preferences to land on the six!)! One thing you'll find in every pouch is organic, whole fruits and vegetables - we believe it should be easier to find natural, nutritious foods to eat during pregnancy!

Lēto Foods
Lauren G.
The best start to give moms and babies!

Lēto Foods' smoothies are the perfect gift-in-a-pouch for expectant moms! The fresh flavors and vital nutrients -- paired with the speedy preparation -- provide a pregnant mom with easy options for keeping her baby and herself healthy and strong. What better way to show how happy you are for them than stocking their freezer with a gift that delivers comfort and confidence!

We are so happy to hear you've enjoyed sending Leto smoothies as a gift for a pregnant mom! We're all about making it easier to figure out what to eat when pregnant through food that is tasty and filling!

Lēto Foods
Katie S.
The perfect gift!

Baby gifts are everywhere but it’s hard to find something for moms that isn’t oversized maternity clothes or weird contraptions. Leto is the perfect gift! I sent the gift box to a friend that’s expecting and she loved it, she said they made her feel good in a time when you don’t always feel your best! Will be sending to any friends who are expecting!

Couldn't agree more -- finding a present for pregnant friends can be so hard! So happy to hear your friend enjoyed her Leto smoothie gift box!

Lēto Foods
Rachel J.
Tasty and Convenient!

I started with a trial of the starter pack and quickly switched to the 10-pack subscription. Not only are these super nutritious (whether you are pregnant or not), but they are really tasty and SO convenient. It has become part of my daily routine to blend one up before walking out the door on my way to work. I am HOOKED!! Highly recommend.

Thrilled to hear our Leto smoothie subscription has made life a little easier!!

Lēto Foods
elisabeth m.
A healthy choice for mom and baby

Leto smoothies give me the peace of mind that I am making healthy food choices for me and my baby. I feel good knowing the company is founded in science, the ingredients are whole, the smoothies are filling, and the ordering and delivery process is entirely seamless!

Thank you for sharing your experience! We're thrilled you've enjoyed Leto smoothies during pregnancy. Ingredient combinations that offer a mix of protein, fiber, healthy fat, and carbohydrates was a core development principle to make pouches that feel filling. We've spoken to countless women who share that sometimes they are just hungry during pregnancy! Hope this has helped fill a gap in your daily life!

Lēto Foods
Brittany S.
Healthy, tasty, convenient

Love Lēto Foods smoothies! It’s great to know I have a healthy, quick and easy snack during the workday! I will be reordering for sure!

So glad to hear you are enjoying Leto Foods!

So easy and so satisfying!

During my first pregnancy, I fell in love with smoothies, but they were so much work and I had to buy so many ingredients. I am so so happy to have Lēto around for my second pregnancy. The smoothies are hassle free and fulfill my cravings for anything and everything sweet!!

We are so glad Leto smoothies helped fulfill your pregnancy sweet tooth! We're all about meeting pregnancy cravings while still being nutritious. You'll see medjool dates in some of our sweeter smoothies - dates have a low glycemic index but still add some sweetness (with no added sugars!).