Lēto Foods during & after pregnancy

You are more than a vessel.
Carefully-crafted, nutrient-filled smoothies delivered
during & after pregnancy.


Lēto Foods was started when a group of women agreed it needed to be easier to eat nutritiously during and after pregnancy via all-natural, clean foods, with no ingredient second guessing necessary.


Crafted with an award-winning maternal health Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Lēto smoothies are all about nutrition during and after pregnancy. We reviewed countless studies & guidelines to deliver what we believe is a right mix of foods for people during and after pregnancy. Order our during & after pregnancy smoothies for delivery - then, add liquid and blend!


Choline - supporting cognitive development - in every pouch

Whole, organic fruits and vegetables

Ingredients without the fillers, sourced for peace-of-mind

A mix of protein, fiber, and healthy fat to keep you satisfied

Delivered to your door with all the ingredients you need - just add liquid and blend

Functional ingredients selected for your body and your baby

Like a nutrition coach in a pouch

1. Select your Box

after evaluating our four different combinations

2. Choose your Flavors

by exploring our six benefit-packed options

3. Open

your door to an eco-friendly box with ready-to-blend smoothie pouches fitting snuggly in your freezer

4. Blend

your smoothie daily. Just pour, add liquid, blend, and enjoy with confidence

Find my flavor

Don’t hold back
- Get started

This is your easy solution to the menu of motherhood decisions. Try our natural, whole ingredient smoothie pouches, designed to meet your needs and foster confidence. You'll love to order pregnancy smoothies throughout your journey.

Each pouch is formulated to keep you satisfied and bring you the nutrient-filled foods you need in one simple, convenient pregnancy smoothie delivered.

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