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Wake up your mind with Leto's
Protein Powder or Chai Latte Powder
to boost a smoothie, shake, latte, or even a snack!

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Add a scoop (or two!) to your favorite milk for a shake,
blend it in your go-to smoothie for a cognitive boost,
or try it in one of our delicious latte recipes
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A Step Ahead - Cognition for All

For people who want nutrition and cognition, Leto provides a cognitive foundation for smoothies, shakes, lattes, and even snacks! Based on data you can trust, we’re here to support memory, mood, and attention for all, and yes, we’re still prenatal-friendly :)

Simply Different

Crafted with award-winning food scientists, our Protein powder and Chai Latte powder are both an excellent source of cognitive-crucial nutrients like choline and vitamin B12. Plus, we packed in fiber and iron to our Protein powder, and our Chai is even caffeine-free!

Packed With Benefits

Nutrients blended for memory, mood,
and attention

Developed by leading
food science and
nutrition experts

Recipes for smoothies, shakes, lattes, and
even snack bites!


Truth be told, we started Leto for our pregnant friends, supporting mom and baby’s cognition.

After launch, there was an outpouring of excitement. Experts touted it, people loved it, and many pleaded for cognitive support drinks for all adults. So, we developed cognitive-focused smoothie, shake, and latte powders.

Today, we hope you love boosting your morning ritual with our Vanilla Chai, or enhancing your smoothies, shakes, and lattes with the Protein Powder. Enjoy!
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