Lēto Foods Catching Up with Maternity Photographer Taylor Lynn Studios

New moms and baby with Leto Foods

At Leto Foods, we love teaming up with other local, women-owned businesses supporting people during pregnancy through postpartum and their babies! That’s why we are thrilled to share more about all things related to pregnancy, newborn, and birth photography from Taylor Lynn Studios! We did a Leto photoshoot with Taylor to share real moms enjoying Leto smoothies during pregnancy and postpartum. More about Taylor, maternity, birth, and newborn photography below!


Leto Foods and Taylor Lynn Studios

As background, Taylor is the owner of Taylor Lynn Studios, a studio based in the Western Suburbs of Chicago that works with down-to-earth parents who value documenting genuine moments with their babies. Taylor believes in the importance of documenting maternity, birth, and newborn moments, and also not letting them just become a scroll and click moment that happens on social media.  


At Leto Foods, we teamed up with the Taylor Lynn team for a maternity and newborn shoot! Check out a few photos of pregnant and new moms enjoying our smoothies (the Leto Peanut Butter smoothie was the fan favorite in the newborn shoot)! Two of our favorite pro tips for these moms? Adding collagen peptides to any Leto shake, or brewer's yeast postpartum to the Decaf smoothie. A photo from the shoot below!


New mom enjoying Leto smoothie

Things to Know About Birth Photography

If you’ve been keeping up with photographers in the maternity space, you may or may not have seen something about birth photography. It’s a unique offering, and something Taylor offers because she believes in empowering moms to feel confident in their choices and themselves.


Taylor states, “As someone who had a rough birth experience, I wanted to give moms something I wish I had. I want to give moms the ability to find the beauty in the rawness of birth and allow those photos to not only be a way to remember, but also a way to heal. Birth doesn't go as planned and we tend to get so wrapped up in those plans changing we aren't able to enjoy what is happening, but with the ability to look back through my lens you are able to get a different perspective. You are able to see how amazing your journey was no matter how it played out.” She finds that her clients using birth photography view it as an incredibly empowering experience.


Taylor’s recommendation – make sure you are comfortable with the photographer you choose. She becomes friends with all of her clients and their families! It is a big deal to bring someone new with a camera into your home at some of your most vulnerable times. She likes to be a “fly on the wall” that you don’t notice when doing birth photography, but also someone you are fully comfortable with being there, supporting you, and documenting this time.


Time for a Maternity or Newborn Photographer? What to Consider

Taylor states it’s often great to work with a maternity, newborn, or birth photographer when your family wants to be able to look back and re-live the moments in life that slowly become a blur through heirloom albums and archival wall art. 


When thinking about maternity and birth photoshoots, she recommends thinking about what you want the outcome to be. Taylor likes to do no forced poses, props, or themes and aims to document your family in a way that shows what is so amazing and unique about you. She is all about documenting connection and how much love is there with a laid back shoot that allows you to be yourself. As you search for a photographer, find someone aligned with the outcomes you are looking for! 




Written in collaboration with Taylor of Taylor Lynn Studios