Lēto Foods Pregnancy Coupon Book


Leto Foods Pregnancy Coupon Book



Why a pregnancy coupon book? Because we get it - sometimes you’re looking for a laugh! That’s why we teamed up with Jenn Bane (an award winning creative mastermind) and the M. Harris team to deliver you 12 quips aimed to get a chuckle out of any pregnant friend.



The Perfect Addition to Your Next Gift | The Pregnancy Coupon Book

Funny Pregnancy Coupon

Totally irreverent, this pregnancy coupon book is designed specifically for people who are… pregnant! What makes this so unique and different from other pregnancy gifts? It isn’t pink or twee. It's sharp, real and funny, capturing the actual experience of pregnancy.


And what do you do with a pregnancy coupon? You give it to someone else. So, if you’re Interested in sharing these little quips, here are three ways to access the pregnancy coupon book:

Gifting Leto Shakes for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Leto Founder Standing with Smoothie Gift Box


Our favorite way to send the pregnancy coupon book is part of the Leto Gift Pack. Interested in ordering? Here’s what to expect:

  • 8 smoothies designed for pregnancy and postpartum – the gift giver chooses the flavors
  • A handwritten note – crafted by you and tucked in the box with an envelope and custom stationary
  • And, our hilarious little pregnancy coupon book


We personally handwrite every gift note in a Leto Smoothie Gift Pack. As such, we’ve seen a lot of notes! If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Gift from a mother in law -- “Happy drinking!”
  • Baby shower present – “I hope you love these as much as I did!”
  • Gift from an husband – “Woot woot third 3rd trimester!”
  • Congratulatory well wishes for a new mom “enjoy this with one hand!”
  • And truly heartfelt messages to show someone is thinking of them


Whatever your reason, we’re here to make the pregnancy journey a little bit easier, and hopefully with a laugh! Why? Because at Leto Foods, we believe in taking care of yourself – before, during, and after your pregnancy. We hope this pregnancy coupon book helps you get exactly what you need.


But if you need more beyond the quips, the pregnancy coupon book even has a QR code for $10 off our pre-postnatal smoothies too! With 100mg of supplemental choline in every pouch, foods with iron, and even two smoothies with ginger (the Greens smoothie and Ginger smoothie), we hope it hits the spot!


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