Cleaning a blender after making a healthy smoothie for pregnancy

If you're looking for a fast way to clean your blender, try this trick!  

Instructions to clean a blender after making a Lēto smoothie


After you’ve poured your Lēto smoothie into a cup (we drank a Peach after this video!), here is how we like to clean our blender:  


  1. Add a few pumps of dish soap to your blender
  2. Add water (about half way up the blender)
  3. Add the blender to your base, add a top, and blend
  4. Pour the soapy water into the sink
  5. Rinse the blender
  6. Dry blender


How long does it take to make a healthy smoothie for pregnancy and postpartum?


If you use this blender trick, we can usually blend Lēto and clean our blender in a minute. Not only does this trick make cleaning quick and easy, but eating the shake is easy to eat too! Lēto smoothies can be consumed with one hand, providing you a pregnancy or postpartum smoothie you can enjoy wherever you go.


Why Lēto Foods developed blendable smoothies


In the early days when we were developing Lēto smoothies, people commonly talked about how their preferences changed throughout pregnancy and postpartum. That's why we made our pouches ready-to-blend. You choose the liquid, can add mix-ins like collagen, brewer’s yeast, or extra prenatal vitamins like choline, and decide how thick or thin you want your smoothie


The only problem with providing blendable smoothies was we were left with a dirty blender. So, we hope this video helps you have a healthy prenatal shake AND a blender that you don’t need to scrub!